Welcome to Waternimf the Hotel on the River

A unique hotel on the river for individuals, families and groups wishing to escape the stresses of modern life, Hotel Barge Waternimf is perfectly located on the splendid riverside in Ely. Only a stone's throw from the City's famous historic Cathedral, eclectic mix of shops and selection of fabulous places to eat and drink.

Built in 1906, Waternimf started life at the Scheepswerf Van Draaisma in Franeker, carrying cargos around the Dutch waterways. Now 110 years later, and following a full renovation, she is back to work providing luxury hotel accommodation and river cruises in the historic city of Ely, Cambridgeshire.

                           We provide the opportunity, the experience is yours.

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Waternimf's loading mast

Sunrise from the Skutsje cabin - photo taken by a recent guest who wanted us to share his experience of this 'beautiful morning view', and Waternimf on a recent visit to the Babylon Gallery in Ely.

Waternimf moored alongside Ely's Antiques Centre
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